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I am a father, a husband, a doggy daddy and a Portrait Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. For me my family is always number 1, but photography is a very close second. I am truly a lucky man to have a support system beyond support systems. My amazing and beautiful wife Ashley allows me to follow my passion and supports me every step of the way. She is quickly becoming one of the top women music agents and I could not be any prouder. I like to joke with her saying, "She is the one with the big girl job and I get to play for a living." Also gives me the kick in the butt whenever I am down about myself. Cannot forget about my best friend, my four legged best friend, Cody "Beeba” Lewis. Whenever I need an escape he is always their for me. Last, but not least, my son Julian. It boggles my mind how much I can truly love another person. Being a dad freaking rocks!!

When I hold that camera in my hands and look through the view finder I see a whole new world. I can see things in a way no one else can. Whether photographing actors, models, children, weddings, etc… the images you see are through my eyes and that is such a powerful part of my photography. I get to see the true beauty of my subject and capture it forever.

 I have mentors and photographers that I truly look up to like, Dylan Patrick, Mike Matos, Jeff MosierLindsay AdlerBrooke Shaden, Joel Grimes...  There work inspires me on a daily basis to push myself to an entirely new place. Through their work and teachings I am able to see and realize that every person I photograph if a new and interesting image just waiting to be captured... All I have to do is connect with them and the image is just there.

 For me it will always be about you... That is what I want to photograph... So lets do it! Lets create something like nothing else!