Lost - Jenny Hann

I had the opportunity to work with an amazing woman yesterday... Jenny Hann. We had worked together on a few other project, most recently the amazing portraits about challenging your own demons. 

I originally had in mind to do a burlesque style session with the puppets she has created, she is am amazing puppeteer. About 30mins before she arrived a new canvas that I ordered from Seamless, the photography company not the Takeout Food Company, and my entire idea changed. Between the dresses she brought, the backdrop up, and my own personal head space, we created what you see below. 

Being lost, is not the greatest feeling in the world. It can get very depressing very quickly, but out of that world beautiful images are created. That is the one thing about photography. You can take how you are feeling or what you are experiencing can be turned into images that truly strike people.

Here are the images. Hopefully they strike a chord with you.

Model | Jenny Hann

Photographer | RJ Lewis Photography

Background | Eleanor Muslin Backdrops – Designed by Emily Soto

Lightening | Westcottt Strobe | Westcott Rapidbox XL