Kristina + Alex - NYC Wedding

A few moths ago Kristina and Alex walked into my place to photograph Kristina's new Headshots. You could see that they were in love and were completely meant for each other. I use the term soulmates a great deal because I truly believe in them. When you see them together you just know they were meant to be together. To my surprise I get a Facebook message from Alex that they are getting married, I was honestly not surprised. It was more like, "What took you so long?"

Arriving at City Hall I could see all the love, not only between Kristina and Alex, but from their families. It seemed perfect. Wacky personalities, smiles, laughter and unconditional love if how I would describe their amazing families!

Kristina and Alex... Congrats! Remember to always talk to each other and always be there for one another! You two are truly meant to be!