Your Session


Your Headshots are your ticket into the audition room. It is the first time agents, managers and casting directors see your face (most of the time). Whether they are opening an envelope, seeing it come across their desk at an open call, or clicking on it from an online submission, either way it has to make an IMPACT! My goal in every Headshot I take is to make that impact and have these industry professionals going home thinking about your face and having them have to  call you in. This all starts with you doing your Homework prior to a session!

Here are some tips to help you prepare for a session with me:

1. Lets have a consultation! Lets meet for Coffee or at the very least have a Skype conversation. I believe it is crucial to meet up and discuss a session. This gives us the opportunity to chat and get to know each other. Trust me if you cannot stand me for 30mins and vice versa, do you really think spending 3 hours photographing is going to be a cake walk. We may kill each other (joking). There should be chemistry and know that together we are going to nail some kick ass Headshots.

2. After we decide to work together go talk to your agent, manager, or industry people you trust. Find out about specific looks. (Stay clear of business terms like commercial look, theatre look, serious, etc...) After you talk to them let me know what they said and we can come up with a game plan.

3. I know every actor has no idea about what to wear for a headshot session. It can drive you insane. You start going out and buying cloths to match some color skin palate and so on and so forth. Forget it all. As true as some of those ideas about wardrobe are, it makes everything way too complicated. I am going to simplify all of this for you ladies and gentlemen.... Here it is... WEAR WHAT YOU LOVE!!!!!!!


Day Before

 I am very big on the preparation you take the day before our session. Much of it has to do with your skin and making sure your skin is healthy and able to breath.

 Here are a few rules:

1. No Sugar Drinks. That means no soda, juice. You can drink water and tea all day long.

2. No Coffee. Coffee is a diuretics and it will strip your skin of moisture and we do not want that.

3. Eat 3 meals for the Day. That is right you are going to eat breakfast. If you are a meat eater… Chicken and Fish all day long… It is lean and full of protein. If you are a Vegan or Vegetarian you know what to do.

4. No Junk Food.

5. Please get the bare minimum of sleep for you. EX: 6-8 hours of sleep… Get at least the 6 hours. You need to be well rested always.

6. Iron all your cloths the night before. You do not want to have to deal with that in the morning.

7. Check to see what time you have to leave in the morning to get to the shoot on time. Set your alarm so you are not running late. Try to leave 15 minutes earlier so that you give time for trains if they are running behind schedule.

 This is your session and you should be a part of every part of it.  You need to take control of your session. You cannot just have your agent, manager or photographer tell you what to do and what to wear. In the end it is your career and it is going to go as far as you are willing to work and take it.


Day Of Session

Your Day has arrived and you are pumped! You did everything to prepare and now you are ready to capture some amazing new Headshots. Now what happens?

Try to arrive around 15 mins early or at least right on time. Once you arrive we will settle in, I will offer you something to drink and you will relax.

Then we will lay out all of your clothing options and come up with a game plan of what looks we want to photograph and where we want to photograph them. You will try on some of them to be completely sure you are confident and loving what you are wearing.

Next, for women, it is Hair and Makeup time with you and one of the 3 MUA. This will probably take around 30mins- 45mins. You will collaborate with each other to make sure all is perfect and looking as natural as possible.

Once makeup and hair are finished (men already skipped this part) It is time to photograph and head to the locations. After each look we will review the photos on the computer to make sure we are capturing everything we need. Once we are confident in each look, only then do we go on to the next.

Once the entire session is over, I will upload the photos to the computer and we can review them on my computer monitor. I have a 27" monitor so they will look much larger then the back of the camera. Here we can review everything that we photographed and you can see how different every look we photographed. You can see what worked and what did not and of course see how awesome they are!

Once you have looked at them and told me how much you love them, I will start the uploading process to your gallery. This will take around 2-3hrs, so this would be the end of your session and you would be packing up and getting ready to head on out.


After The Session

So your session has come to an end, Now What?

The day of your session you will receive an online proofing gallery, by email, with all of you photos from the session. From there you will be able to download all your Hi-res Images. 

Once you have selected your Headshots for retouching, you will contact me with the DSC numbers of the Headshots you want retouched. I will do an initial retouching job on them, which covers:

color correction

fly away and blemish removal

skin correction

(basically cleaning up your image and making sure you look like the best version of you, but not FAKE)

After I finish the initial retouching on your images I will send you Lo-res Proofs for you to review. Here you get to look them over and let me know if anything needs to be done to them. If nothing and you are fully satisfied with everything, I will send you a Dropbox link with your Hi-res and Lo-res versions for you to Download. 

When you are ready for Printing, I highly recommend 2 Printing Companies:

Reproductions are located at:

630 9th Ave #1410

New York, NY 10036

Phone: (646) 502-3700


Colorworks are located at:

 55 West 39th Street - Suite 706

 New York, NY 10018

Phone: (212) 382-2825

Email at


This is an entire experience and I want your experience to be the best it can possibly be. I never want you needing to go anywhere else for Headshots. I want you, when it is all said and done and you have those finished Headshots in your hands, you know that you have the very best Headshots and My Team went above and beyond!

Now take your Headshots and go and Book the Roles of Your Dreams!