To the Young Ladies Out There,


The only person you have the live with for the rest of your life, is yourself. If you wake up in the morning, look into the mirror and don’t like what you see, then something has to change. And I’m not talking about living up to societal standards of beauty, or trying to be something others expect you to be (playing the compare game, and trying to please everyone has only ever given me grief). I’m talking about looking into the mirror and living your life the way you want to. If you get up every day, and follow your passions and your dreams with no reservations, nothing but good energy can follow. But, no one else can make that decision for you – you’ve got to be fearless, take life by the reins and ride!





To Body-Shamers,


Go fuck yourselves.





P.S. I know I’m beautiful. Have fun missing out.



"Do not compare yourself to others. “You” is the only thing that is important, and there is only one like you. There is beauty in everything and everyone. I don’t know where the definition of “beauty” came from, but if you focus on what you like, and love, and enjoy, and what drives you, your goals, and dreams, that is all that matters. When you do what you love, that positive energy is what will keep you going, and what will make you feel great about yourself. You are beautiful, you matter, and the world is happy that you are in it." 


"I would like to know what happened to you that makes you feel you have the right to decide what is “good” and “bad”. You most likely think the same negative things you point out about others towards yourself, and that is wrong. Being different, and big, and loud, and out of the ordinary is unique; and newsflash, we all come in different shapes and sizes, we are all unique. Beauty is everywhere, and if you can’t see it, then it is just plain sad."




"Strong women proofread other strong women’s emails."


"You become what you do."


"You have no idea what my body is capable of and I love her deeply for that."



"Learn to say NO. There have been too many times I have taken on a project for little to no pay...and for what? Learn to value your worth. Yes, there are times when working on a passion project, or volunteering your time for something are far better and more beneficial than a paycheck... but know when those times are, seek those jobs out yourself, rather than being taken advantage of for something you have no stake in." 


“Who gave you the right to judge me?” I have had to go through a huge change being pregnant, accepting big changes in weight, more acne, tiredness, but to be honest, I feel better and more beautiful in my skin right now than ever before. Maybe it’s because I’m creating a life, but damn, I am loving this new confidence. I’ve always seen myself as the short, sometimes frumpy sidekick character. Never thought of myself as a leading lady - but now... I want it all. I wanna kick down the doors at auditions and show them who I am." 



"I’m from Taiwan and things are really different there—I’m considered fat.


I went to the doctor once and she said to me—you are obese.

I was like…O.M.G.


I’m the Asian Melissa McCarthy!!!


I’m also considered black in Taiwan. If you’re not pasty white, you’re black.


I sometimes think I should just go back to Taiwan because in America, I’m just another Asian girl. But in Taiwan,


I’m a FAT BLACK WOMAN!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 HELL. YASSS."


To Body Shamers: "Thank you but no thank you. BYE"



"Don’t listen to the negativity that others bring your way. Make sure you are happy with yourself and that your body is able to do what you want it to do—you never have to justify yourself to others. People will always try to find ways to bring you down because they feel like it will bring them up. Just know they are coming from a place of insecurity that does not reflect on you! I was told I shouldn’t work out my arms, shouldn’t cut my hair, I was too masculine. But I am proud and happy with my body, work toward what you want for yourself, not for others!"


"Im happy with myself, I’m sorry you cant say the same for yourself. Work out your insecurities somewhere else, I have no time for your bull shit!"



"Keep your head held high, and stay strong, because things will always get better. Don’t stay wrapped up in superficial troubles or drama because those things fall away and eventually become distant memories. Who you are now is not who you will be, you will continue to change and grow, so keep your eyes focused forward and set your goals high." 



"You lot need a better hobby than focusing on people’s “imperfections”. Human beings are unique, and confidence equals beauty, and the one or few people who may have something to say do not and should not outweigh all the people speaking positively about you and your beauty." 



"Find what you love, and pursue it.  Always hold your head high, but have realistic expectations.  People are going to doubt your ability to succeed, but you should never doubt yourself.  We are all unique; we think and act differently.  There are no wrong choices.  We all share a common desire to succeed, and we ALL deserve to be happy.  Follow your bliss, try everything, and always do your very best."



We are all imperfect beings and need to embrace our imperfections, otherwise they’ll drive us mad.  Body shaming is an unfortunate method by which some people project their own insecurities onto other people.  Ignore them to the best of their ability, even though it’s hard and really hurts.  You are beautiful, and NOBODY can take that away from you. 




"Do what you want and be who you want, but be prepared to work hard for it and do it with kindness, always. Don’t let anyone ever trick you into believing that women are your competitors, we’re in this together and we have your back. Have other women’s backs, even if you don’t know them, be on their side. Break the habit of apologizing for everything, and if you haven’t started, even better. Take up space. Speak up, for yourself and for others. Listen too. Make your own rules, and don’t forget to break those too." 


To The Body Shamers: "It’s not about you. It’s not for you. It doesn’t concern you."



"Always go with your gut instinct. People will tell you how to live, what to be, or to think a certain way. Learn from what you hear and see, make observations, talk about things, look at everything in different perspectives, but at the end of it all, listen to your deepest Gut instinct and have purpose in what you decide. Live with purpose, meaning, and let the world know."


"If you don’t like it, change it. You are in full control of your decisions in life. Think smart, and yet know what makes you most comfortable without destroying yourself. Manifest you!"



"1. Know who you are. 2. Like yourselves, or at least try.  3. Definitely love yourselves. 4. Be in love with yourselves, women! (Not in a narcissistic way, please). 5. Be your best allies, dammit. 6. If you want to get a boob job, a face-lift, dye your hair green or whatever, go ahead and do it for YOU. 7. Live and let live. 8. Repeat." 


"I’ll say: Is that all you got?


I’ve been skinny all my life, VERY thin when I was a teenager. I got a lot of ‘hate’ for being skinny. In Jr. high they would angrily call (shout at) me “Olive Oil!”, “You, stick!”, “¡Jodía flaca!”… and a few more I don’t remember nor have the patience to write in here. As a grown woman I still get some of that ‘hate’: “Oh my God you’re so skinny, I hate youuuu!” (as a compliment). See why I told you to like and love yourselves? You’ll need that for when the ‘compliments’ arrive.


My scars which are the result of surgeries removing that big cyst I don’t have anymore (not the right ovary either) and the stubborn cysts in my breasts that insist on keep showing up remind me of how I can conquer pain somehow; my wrinkles that let me play with different gestures portraying emotions when I’m doing my thing: acting; my stretch marks and cellulite that showcase the marvel that skin is (skin is such a badass). The dark circles around, and bags under my eyes result of that night crying because of a broken heart, or that sleepless night because of excitement for what’s coming up in the morning, or because it was a oh-so-much-fun-let’s-do-it-again night. Those things are a constant reminder of how I have lived my life, and that I regret none of it. They all make me ME. Now excuse me for a moment while I go and put on my Olive Oil tank top and say: Is that all you got?"




"Love yourself. Please, love yourself. Love every flaw, mark, wrinkle, curve that is uniquely yours. This world isn’t kind, but that never means you shouldn’t be kind to yourself."


"This body gives life to the world around us. If you can’t respect this, then you don’t respect yourself."





"Don’t give a f*ck what other people think – do what’s authentic to you.  It’s harder than you’d think, but it’s a wonderful, beautiful journey getting there.  Enjoy it along the way."



"It’s unfortunate that people like to pass judgement on others without taking a moment to look within and wonder why they’d feel the need to do so, but to all the body shamers out there, I hope you discover the peace you need is within yourself… much love."