EMPOWERED : Portraits of Women

Body Shaming. Slut Shaming. Inequality. These are just a few of the things women everywhere have to face on a consistent day-to-day basis. Every time I turn on the news it disgusts me to see what women are going through. Every other story is about another woman being sexually harassed or not getting paid what she is worth or being raped and the list goes on and on.  As a man with a son, I want him to know that women are the greatest part of this world. They should be running things… not us men, who do nothing but completely screw shit up all the time. Don’t believe me… Just go to the history books… In fact turn on your television right now and tell me what is going on in the news. I want him to know that all women should be treated as an equal to him and honestly, even more then an equal.


For the past 3 years I have been wanting to start an ongoing portrait project. I wanted to tell the intimate stories of people through portraits, but I just could not get inspired enough or the time was just not right. Until this whole sexual harassment scandal hit the world, combined with yet another Women’s March, and the #METOO movement, I realized what my project was going to be about. Women!


This project is going to show two sides to every woman I photograph. The first will be a beautiful elegant portrait of them.  I want every woman to feel  beautiful and elegant. I want them to see it in this portrait; I want the world to see it. I want everyone to see themselves as these beautiful and powerful women. 


The second part is, what I like to call, their big “FUCK YOU” to all those body shamers out there. Whether in their bras, suggested nudity or just full on out nude… They get to say, “This is my body and I can do what I want with it and FUCK YOU!” I want them to feel empowered, sexy, beautiful and ready for whatever the world has in store for them!


What I hope to achieve from this project is to show the world who really runs this world. I want to show the world how beautiful and powerful these women really are. Also I hope that these women can inspire younger women who are going through what they went through and let them know it is going to be ok and their back are covered!


(These images will be slight retouched. This means color correction will be made. Blemishes will be removed in cases of women who woke up with a pimple that is not normally there, B&W conversion is possible. There will be no body modification made what so ever. Bodies will not be sculpted with the Liquefy tool what so ever.  This is not about making women look different or what the world believes their bodies should look like. It is to show the world, that no matter what size or shape a woman is, they are beautiful and powerful no matter what!


In closing. To all the body shamers, slut shamers, and the men who treat women like they are beneath them… If you do not like what I write or the portraits I take…