"1. Know who you are. 2. Like yourselves, or at least try.  3. Definitely love yourselves. 4. Be in love with yourselves, women! (Not in a narcissistic way, please). 5. Be your best allies, dammit. 6. If you want to get a boob job, a face-lift, dye your hair green or whatever, go ahead and do it for YOU. 7. Live and let live. 8. Repeat." 


"I’ll say: Is that all you got?


I’ve been skinny all my life, VERY thin when I was a teenager. I got a lot of ‘hate’ for being skinny. In Jr. high they would angrily call (shout at) me “Olive Oil!”, “You, stick!”, “¡Jodía flaca!”… and a few more I don’t remember nor have the patience to write in here. As a grown woman I still get some of that ‘hate’: “Oh my God you’re so skinny, I hate youuuu!” (as a compliment). See why I told you to like and love yourselves? You’ll need that for when the ‘compliments’ arrive.


My scars which are the result of surgeries removing that big cyst I don’t have anymore (not the right ovary either) and the stubborn cysts in my breasts that insist on keep showing up remind me of how I can conquer pain somehow; my wrinkles that let me play with different gestures portraying emotions when I’m doing my thing: acting; my stretch marks and cellulite that showcase the marvel that skin is (skin is such a badass). The dark circles around, and bags under my eyes result of that night crying because of a broken heart, or that sleepless night because of excitement for what’s coming up in the morning, or because it was a oh-so-much-fun-let’s-do-it-again night. Those things are a constant reminder of how I have lived my life, and that I regret none of it. They all make me ME. Now excuse me for a moment while I go and put on my Olive Oil tank top and say: Is that all you got?"