"Do not compare yourself to others. “You” is the only thing that is important, and there is only one like you. There is beauty in everything and everyone. I don’t know where the definition of “beauty” came from, but if you focus on what you like, and love, and enjoy, and what drives you, your goals, and dreams, that is all that matters. When you do what you love, that positive energy is what will keep you going, and what will make you feel great about yourself. You are beautiful, you matter, and the world is happy that you are in it." 


"I would like to know what happened to you that makes you feel you have the right to decide what is “good” and “bad”. You most likely think the same negative things you point out about others towards yourself, and that is wrong. Being different, and big, and loud, and out of the ordinary is unique; and newsflash, we all come in different shapes and sizes, we are all unique. Beauty is everywhere, and if you can’t see it, then it is just plain sad."