"Learn to say NO. There have been too many times I have taken on a project for little to no pay...and for what? Learn to value your worth. Yes, there are times when working on a passion project, or volunteering your time for something are far better and more beneficial than a paycheck... but know when those times are, seek those jobs out yourself, rather than being taken advantage of for something you have no stake in." 


“Who gave you the right to judge me?” I have had to go through a huge change being pregnant, accepting big changes in weight, more acne, tiredness, but to be honest, I feel better and more beautiful in my skin right now than ever before. Maybe it’s because I’m creating a life, but damn, I am loving this new confidence. I’ve always seen myself as the short, sometimes frumpy sidekick character. Never thought of myself as a leading lady - but now... I want it all. I wanna kick down the doors at auditions and show them who I am."