How do I Book a Session with You?

Click Book Now, then select the type of appointment you are interested in. The calendar will prompt you for the rest! If you are interested in a different type of appt. not listed, feel free to email rjlewis@rjlewisphotos.com directly. 


How Far in Advance do I need to Book a Session with You?

To be honest I do take appointments as early as 24 hours out. The best thing about booking on my site is that you can see exactly when I am available and book the dates that work best for your schedule.


What Days of the Week do You shoot and what times?

Please check the online calendar for available appointment times. Sessions are typically offered Monday thru Friday at both 10am and 1pm. I offer one session on Saturday and Sunday at 10am.


Do You offer Group Discounts?

I do not offer group discounts. I believe having that one on one time and not feeling rushed is way more important to me then the quantity of clients. Some photographers can photograph 5 clients a day. I cannot. I feel the work will totally suffer. I want my clients to be relaxed, confident, and ready to create some amazing, memorable images!


Do you shoot Outdoors?

Yes! We can certainly shoot outdoors! Though it is weather permitting. As long as the temperature is 50 degrees and above, we will shoot outdoors. Also as long as it does not rain!. If you were looking for an outdoor session and the weather is below 50 degrees or raining, we will postpone your appointment to a more optimal day.



What separates you from other photographers, especially the ones who charge so much?

That is simple. For me it is about photographing you and capturing the real you. I am not a "Big Name" in the industry, but I am very confident that you will leave with amazing headshots that will blow the $1200 Headshot photographers out of the water! Every photograph I take is personal to me. I want them to tell a story. When I look at you I do not see dollar signs... I see someone I want to get to know through a photograph. 


Do I get all my Hi-res Images?

Yes you do get all the Hi-res images from your session. They are your photos not mine, why shouldn't you get them! You can download all your images straight from the gallery.


What if I lose my Hi-res Images for the Session?

Do not worry one bit! I have them stored on both an online Backup Account and also on drives in my studio. I got you covered!


When do I get my gallery?

You will receive your gallery the same day. Yes, you read that right. The same day... You do not have to wait days or even weeks for it.


How long does my gallery stay up?

Your gallery will remain active for 3 months after the date of your session. Once the three months are up it will be archived away.


What if i want it up for more then 3 months?

After 3 months are up and your gallery is archived, it will cost $10 for an additional 3 months to have your gallery active.


What if I need more images retouched then my package offers?

If you need more images retouched  all you have to do in contact me with the number if the images you need retouched. Any additional images you will get billed directly at $25 per image.


Will you show me the back of the camera as we are shooting?

Absolutely! I believe you should see what we are shooting so incase you do not like them we can make changes. This is your session and you need to be fully apart of it and know what is going on. I believe when a photographer does not show you the back of the camera it is because they do not want to show you how horrible the images are coming out. They do not want criticism so when they send you your gallery 3-4 days later and you hate them they can blame you or come up with a story on how you have usable images. Screw that. I back up everything I say in my session and I know you will get very excited when you see your images even from the back of the camera.


What happens if it rains or I get sick?

If the weather is bad or you get sick we will certainly reschedule. At your consultation I like to book 2 dates and have the 2nd as a rain date. No matter what we will get the session in and your photos will look amazing!


Do You have a Hair and Makeup Artist?

Yes I do! She is  the Best Hair and Makeup artists in the Industry! I Highly Recommend hiring a makeup artist for your session. You do not have to, but in my experience a great makeup artist can be the difference from taking a good session to a great session! This is money truly well spent!


Can I bring my own Makeup Artist?

After countless less-than-great experiences of clients bringing their own makeup artists, using makeup artists outside of our recommended artists is prohibited. I have been working with my artists for years and I know what they are capable of and how they work. They will collaborate with you and give  you exactly what you want. I only work with the best and audit my artists very carefully, so you know you will always work with the best.


 Do you photograph many actors in a day?

At most I will only photograph 2 actors in a day. I want actors to feel calm and enjoy the session and not worry about being rushed. I know there are photographers out there who will photograph as many actors as possible in one day That is just not me. I want to enjoy the session and not feel rushed either. My goal is to capture the most IMPACTFUL images possible and we cannot do that is we are rushed.


Do you offer Consultations?

Yes I do and I insist upon them! If the photographer does not offer you a consultation and just wants to book, odds are they are only looking for your money and will do a horrible job. I want to meet the actors that I am going to photograph. I want to learn about you and see who you really are. I want to be able to collaborate with you and figure out where our session will go. Plus we need to be comfortable with each other. If we are not, then the session will be pretty awkward. So yes! We should certainly meet for a consultation. If not in person then the very least by Skype or Facetime.


Since you photograph outdoors and indoors, what happens if it is bad weather?

Simple answer is we just reschedule unless you do not mind shooting completely indoors. During your Headshot Consultation we will discuss two dates. One that you really want to photograph on and the other as a rain date. Please note that it is simply that, a rain date. We are only going to use it in bad weather or if you get really sick.



Of course! I offer free consultations that you can book through my site. As much as I would love to meet in person over coffee, that is a bit harder for me because I am also a stay at home dad of an amazing 2 year old boy so I only offer then through Facetime or Skype. If you really want to meet in person you are more the welcome to come to my studio in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.