She is simply the greatest Makeup Artist in the business. I always tell every actor I work with, especially women, that she is the most crucial part of any photography session. Having that reliable and talented makeup artist makes my job as the photographer and the retouchers job that much easier. The way she interacts with each and every client is priceless. She truly takes and interest in every actor to make sure that their experience is the best possible. She collaborates with the client and with me to make sure that the makeup is done right for each and every look. Her professional and yet fun loving crazy attitude helps each and every session just fly by. It was crucial for me to find a makeup artist to match my passion for what I do and Lyndsey certainly does that. Makeup is her life. When she is on set it is like all three of us are just hanging out. Usually if you look at her during the session she is probably Instagraming  Behind the Scenes photos or taking Selfies when she is not touching up hair or makeup!

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