My Philosophy



You know that moment when you are in a museum and a piece of art stops you in your tracks. You find yourself staring at that work and you just do not know why. Something about it has drawn you in. You begin to analyze it, trying to figure out just why you cannot take your eyes off of it. That right there is what I strive to accomplish every time I set out to photograph an actor’s Headshot. For me it is about photographing who “YOU REALLY ARE”. It is as simple as that. There are terms thrown around like commercial look, theatrical look, film look… To me those are just words. I want to capture a Headshot that really shows the true you. I have always believed that if we forget about all those “business terms” and just focus on the simplicity of photographing you, then that is when true art and magic will happen.

Your eyes are truly the most important part of the whole process. They are the window to your soul. Your eyes should be the first thing that casting directors, agents, and managers sees. Your eyes should instantly catch their attention and draw them into who you really are. Your eyes must show life in them. We have all seen those horrible “deer in the headlights” headshot that completely say nothing. Those actors are lost. They are not thinking of anything or going anywhere. They are just staring at a lens, probably wondering when the shoot is going to end. For me it is about going on a journey. Many times it is going back on that journey that brought you into this amazing art, whether that being acting, dancing, music…etc. We all remember what that moment was that hooked us, though times we tend to forget about it. This is only one of the many ways we get you to where you need to be, but ultimately it is about you and everything happens organically.

Casting Directors want to see you. They need to see what makes you so unique, because you are. We all know that feeling of walking into an audition and there are ten other actors who look just like you. How do you stand out from the rest of them? We need to embrace what makes you unique and trust that will come out in our session. WE NEED TO MAKE AN IMPACT!

I truly believe photographing Headshots is a collaborative effort. True art and magic happens when you and I are working together to capture those amazing Headshots. I always tell every actor I work with that I can put you in the best lighting, the best location, tell you what to wear, make sure the camera settings are correct, but in the end it truly it up to you to be completely open and able to go where you need to allow the “REAL YOU” to shine through.

This is your career and you need to BRING YOUR "A" GAME… I know I certainly will.