Actor/Modeling Session: $375

  • 2hrs

  • 3 Looks

  • 3 Retouched images

  • All Images available for download in online proofing gallery


  • Additional Looks are $100 per look (includes 1 retouched image)

  • Extra Retouched Images ($25 per image)

  • PLEASE NOTE: Retouching includes global exposure and color correction, blemish removal, skin contouring, skin tone correction, body reshaping, detail sharpening, stray hair removal, and background spot removal. Non-standard image manipulation requests such as head swaps, eye opening, extending the background, background object removal, and spot coloring will incur additional fees at a rate of $60 per image.

Returning Clients

**All returning clients pay $250 instead of $375 for the Actor/Modeling Session**

Unlimited  Actor/Model Collection: $675

  • 5hrs

  • As many looks as you can fit in the 5hr time frame

  • 5 images retouched

  • All images available to download in online gallery (gallery delivered same day)

Hair and Makeup

I highly recommend that you hire one of my amazing hair and makeup artist! I want you looking your absolute best and not have to worry about your hair and makeup on top of everything else. 

Hair and Makeup will range from $150-$250 depending on your what you choose.

  • $150- 1HMU Look, touchups. Max 3hrs, including HMU, hard out

  • $250- 1HMU Look, touchups, 1 makeup "bump up", 1 hair change. Max 5 hours including HMU, Hard out

Hair and Makeup Extras

  • $25- makeup bump up, unless specifies in rate

  • $25- hair change, unless specifies in rate

  • $25- every hour past hard out