Reshoot Policy

This is an area that I hope we never have to go to because you are so in love with your Headshots and you are beyond satisfied. My goal is always to go above and beyond for my clients, but for those cases here is my reshoot policy.

Before your session day arrives you as the actor have "homework" to due. These mainly includes talking to your agent, managers, industry professionals, etc... and discuss with them what you should be achieving in this session. Then you are to connect with me so we are on the same page going into your session and we can capture everything we set out sights on.

After the session is complete we are going to look at your images on the computer and you will have the opportunity here to review everything we photographed in your session. This is your opportunity to see if we captured everything or we missed something. If we missed something all we have to do is pick up the camera and go capture it.

If you do not like any of your photos I give you 2 options:

Option 1: We delete all the photos, go back outside and do it all over again.

Option 2: We delete all the photos, I write you a check for $75 which was your deposit and you start looking for a different photographer.

My goal is not to take your money, but give you the best Headshot out there PERIOD.

If at the end of the session you truly love your images, you believe we captured everything and more... Then and only then will the rest of the money be exchanged.Once the money is exchanged, I will begin uploading your images to your online proofing gallery and will also start burning your disk of Lo-res images, which will be mailed to you. Once the money is exchanged and the gallery begins uploading, the session has been completed and there are no reshoots.

If later on you are looking at your gallery and either forgot something or for some reason you start disliking your images and want to reshoot, then you will have to pay for a complete reshoot. If you are looking for just one look then it would be $50 per hour and you would have to go to Colorworks to have them retouched.