Edna Lee Figueroa | Invisible Woman, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Batman and Clark Kent

What is your name and tell us a bit about who you are?

The name is Edna Lee Figueroa. I’m a grammar freak, I’m an actress (will be until the day I die), stubborn in a good way, shy, I love to dance, to play ping pong, I love my parents and my sister to death (you better not mess with them), I love Crème brûlée, I enjoy small groups, seat and watch them talk. Oh, people-watching, I really enjoy that. I have a good photographic eye and I’m not good with techy stuff. Love sunsets, cotton candy and the smell of books. I’m a feminist, I believe in equality, and I find an intelligent, open-minded and sarcastic/funny man the sexiest thing in the world.

When did you first start reading comic books?

I was a late bloomer on the comics area, around 11 years old, I think. It was more of watching a few series on TV, dubbed in Spanish. And then I would want to know about them. We didn’t get pay to do our chores or any of that, that’s not a Puerto Rican thing to do (at least when I was being raised, I don’t know now) so I would hang out with boys and read their comics (in a very subtle way), or read the ones on the newspapers on Sundays. I loved Sundays just because of that. 

What was the first series you started reading?

Wonder Woman, sounds like the obvious one and a cliché. (Hell yes, I saw the movie!) I was craving badass women. I could relate to the smart ones, the evil with a purpose ones, strong ones, and I imagined Batman being a woman. (I know there's a Batwoman, but no, I wanted to be him.) I didn’t know/care about Marvel or DC worlds. I was just curious. Still don’t care about picking worlds, though.

What comic book character, whether superhero, villain or other do you most identify with… I.E. Alter Ego?

A combination of Invisible Woman and Wonder Woman, mainly; with a bit of Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Batman and Clark Kent (not Superman).


I am a shy person. Yes! Every time I say that people don’t believe me. I. Am. Shy. I could imagine myself being invisible like Invisible Woman whenever I needed it to be, and Wonder Woman was so strong and fair, Catwoman so agile and fast, Poison Ivy so clever and subtly evil, Batman had a way with words and would do anything for his parents, and Clark Kent was so shy, smart and awkwardly cute. I felt I was a bit of all of them. I STILL feel I am a bit of all of them.

What impact on your life have they had on you?

I wanted to be an actress since I can remember. I didn’t know the term “acting” much less “actress”; I would get lost in myself pretending to be them, those six I mentioned, and play for hours in my room. Or I would go to the park riding my bike and create stories while on the monkey bars, on the swings, or seated on a bench. I would go on a quest to find a plant that would protect my sister from harm whenever I wasn’t around (she’s severely autistic). Without knowing it I was making movies in my head. To this day when I’m walking around the city or I’m on the train and I’m listening to a tune, I imagine being one of them and my demeanor changes, yes I create a story with soundtrack and all, in seconds. They kept me company when I was growing up, finding myself as a teenager. I learned to identify the strengths on people, on the variety, the power of words. To adapt and still be me, my many genuine MEs.

What advice do you have to younger comic book fans who use this amazing world as an escape from the harsh realities of life?

You feel like anything is possible in the comics world, even the most outrageous thing could happen, could materialized in front of your eyes. The trick is to know how to differentiate the real world from the comics world and use whatever it is that moves you from the comics world and add it to your own skills, feelings, your aptitudes to enhance your real life. Dream in the comics world and live in this one, but LIVE, don’t survive.

Check out Edna Lee and everything she is up to in her career at www.ednaleefigueroa.com



What is The "Alter Ego" Project?

Growing up I remember going to the comic book shops with my dad every week to get the latest issue of Superman and Batman. I was never a DC or Marvel fan solely. I was too young to pledge an allegiance one way or the other. For me comics were an escape. It allowed me to live in this fantasy world that my superheros lived. I would tie a sheet around my neck and run around the house pretending I was Superman fighting the evil Lex Luther or put on my Batman costume form Halloween and pretend I was saving Gotham City from the Joker.

Comicon and other Comic Book Conventions are huge nowadays. Thousands of people, maybe millions from all over the world, get together and enjoy this amazing opportunity to be themselves. From seminars, booths, costume contests, everything you can think of form comic book fans are there. But the greatest part of the whole event is that everyone gets to be themselves or their"Alter Ego".

I wanted to set out and create a project in which Comic Book Fanatics could tell their story on how comics books and these characters they looked up too transformed their life. You could see the transformation happen when they but on the costume of their favorite superhero or villain. You can see that confidence and self worth in their eyes and body when they step into the shoes of their hero's.

I truly hope you all enjoy this project and can see the uniqueness of every person who tells their story. Hopefully I get to tell your story... So enjoy The "Alter Ego" Project.