What is The "Alter Ego" Project?

Growing up I remember going to the comic book shops with my dad every week to get the latest issue of Superman and Batman. I was never a DC or Marvel fan solely. I was too young to pledge an allegiance one way or the other. For me comics were an escape. It allowed me to live in this fantasy world that my superheros lived. I would tie a sheet around my neck and run around the house pretending I was Superman fighting the evil Lex Luther or put on my Batman costume form Halloween and pretend I was saving Gotham City from the Joker.

Comicon and other Comic Book Conventions are huge nowadays. Thousands of people, maybe millions from all over the world, get together and enjoy this amazing opportunity to be themselves. From seminars, booths, costume contests, everything you can think of form comic book fans are there. But the greatest part of the whole event is that everyone gets to be themselves or their"Alter Ego".

I wanted to set out and create a project in which Comic Book Fanatics could tell their story on how comics books and these characters they looked up too transformed their life. You could see the transformation happen when they but on the costume of their favorite superhero or villain. You can see that confidence and self worth in their eyes and body when they step into the shoes of their hero's.

I truly hope you all enjoy this project and can see the uniqueness of every person who tells their story. Hopefully I get to tell your story... So enjoy The "Alter Ego" Project.