Tertiary colors are my go too colors for  headshots. Salmon, brick, moss, taupe, jewel tones, gemstone tones, ruby reds, maroons, earth tones, sapphire… get it drift? Colors to avoid: Black, white and grey. Black, absorbs light and can look flat on camera, not showing your shape. White, reflects light, makes you look pale, loose your jaw line, and draw attention away from you face. Also black and white colors are very stereotypical “Actors Headshots”. Remember this is about you standing out and showing who you are. Most casting directors say that grey says nothing at all about your personality and is as boring, so I would just completely leave that color home.



Texture, texture texture. Woven cotton have many different textural value to it. Some dark areas, so light areas. Leather and silk reflect light beautifully. Texture is very body flattering because it provides shape and that is always very interesting to look at.

Patterns? Why Not?!

Large pattern usually photograph very well. I love pattern Headshots because it brings out personality and it is not the norm in typical Headshots. I love breaking the rules. In saying that... stay away from small patterns. Small patterns will look like they are dancing on camera. the best way to see if they will dance on camera is to ask someone or take a selfie. Some fabrics or linen are stitched very very small and because of this it causes the pattern to look as though it is dancing. So to be safe... Large Patterns are good small patterns are bad.


I hate hearing, "Wear something that is going to bring out your eyes". Really? There are not very many eye colors our there, which means if you use that advice there will be even less of wardrobe options for you. Plus this is about you standing out and not looking like everyone else who wear wardrobe to bring out their eyes in Headshots. Men... stay away form the typical light blue collared button up shirt... Really? It is over used! Women... Royal Blue Tank Top.... Please no... Please!

Best Shape for Clothing

Make sure it FITS you. Make sure it is not too baggy, but then again it does not have to be so tight it looks like skin on you. And while we are at it... If you are shooting 2 or more looks do not bring the same t-shirt cut for every look. This is your chance to stand out. Why would you bring 3 V neck t-shirts in 3 different colors? I promise you your headshots will look exactly the same, just in a different color. Definitely bring the v-neck or tank top, but also bring a jacket to layer on top... Each look should be different. Casting directors and agents are all different. They all like something different. Some like t-shirts, some like bare skin, some like collared shirts, etc.. Why not take advantage of your session and give yourself the opportunity to appease any opinion.