What To Wear

The number 1 question I consistent get asked is, "What do I wear for my session?" There are many theories on this and can also be approached scientifically with the Contemporary Color Wheel, but that is way too complicated for me. I want to make this simple for you. So here are 3 easy ways of selecting wardrobe for your session.

3 ways:

1. Think about the roles you want to play. Once you figure that out I want you to take that character (whether already exists or not yet created) and I want you to break the character down into 3 adjective words. 

Ex: (I want to play a character who is mysterious, secretive, sexy..) 

Once you have these words I am certain you can go to your closet and find the exact outfit that makes you feel this way. If it is not in your closet you would instantly know what to buy. 

Side note: If you buy something keep the tags on and you can return it after the shoot if you do not want to keep it.

2. Has anyone ever told you that you remind them of a certain actor? You do not have to be their doppelgänger... 

The idea here is that if you google that actor and look at images of them you will notice a color scheme and a clothing pattern of style and cut. Odds are the actors in the  images were styled by a stylist with colors and styles that flatter them. It is kind of like a personal stylist without shelling out a ton of money.

3. Wear what you love! We can sit here all day and talk about color theory and what you should wear and how to wear it, but in the end if you do not feel amazing and ready to take the world by storm.... what is the point?! Where what you love.


Examples for me: