I am a father of a truly amazing little boy. I am a husband of a truly inspirational women, who is breaking through glass ceilings in the music industry. A Doggy Daddy to an amazing 8 year old Lab/pit mix.

Born and raised in Brooklyn. I first studied acting and worked as an actor for 6 years. While getting my own Headshots taken, something funny happened. I found myself more interested in what my photographer was doing and less about why I was actually there. At that moment I realized that my fascinations with cameras and photography as a young child was my true passion.

As I delved more and more into the world of photography I fell in love with photographing people and bringing out their true beauty. I am inspired every day by the work of Lara Jade, Justin Patterson, Peter Lindbergh, Peter Coulson, etc.. I am always looking to create something like no other and keep pushing not only my boundaries, but everyone who steps in front of my camera. It is a true collaboration when we work together and as a team we create something meaningful and leaves and impact on the viewer.

Forget the glitz and glamour… Simple and impactful! Lets create!