“I must say that the entire experience of working-and-collaborating with RJ (Lewis) has been one of the best I’ve had in my professional career. His willingness to spend time on the phone discussing (in detail) what I wanted, was looking for, and concerned about – before I even booked the session-is remarkable. The fact I could and did check-in with him by text (which he answered promptly) made the whole process of selecting colors, styles, combinations of what to wear so much easier. His creative style and “eye” were apparent during the shoot, but, perhaps more importantly, after the shoot whenI got my photos printed. I say this because of the responses I’ve gotten from Creatives (Directors, Casting, Coaches, Tech) which include, “Great shots!” “This is nice!” “These should serve you well”, and one Director who saw two of my new ‘looks’ and said “These are really nice – and both ‘look like you’ in different ways; not many actors have this.” I highly recommend anyone looking for new headshots with a little “something extra” interview and engage RJ Lewis’ talents and services.” - David Lamberton - Actor

“Working with RJ made it to be the easiest shoot I’ve ever had. Through simple direction, he guides you through your looks and captures your personality, keeping a relaxing atmosphere. Finally, I now have headshots that I’m proud of.” - Jacques Leon - Actor

“RJ is such a giving photographer. During our shoot, I felt super comfortable allowing my natural self to come through, even though I was posing. He encouraged me to take risks and went above and beyond to ensure he was capturing my essence.” - Julie Shapiro - Actress 

"RJ Lewis is without a doubt the most talented and artistic headshot photographer Iv'e ever had the privilege to work with. He was fun and professional and helped to direct and open me up as we shot. I had such a blast working with him and will not only continue to use his services, but will rave to every actor, model, and musician I know about his incredible quality of work. Thanks so much RJ for a great session and for giving me awesome shots to wow casting directors with!” - Ryan M. Shaw - Actor

“From the first time I reached out to RJ about scheduling a shoot, he was friendly and professional. He sounded just as excited to work with me as I was with him! I immediately felt comfortable and at ease around him and he helped me feel that way in front of the camera, as well. He was great with assisting in wardrobe/background selections and giving me direction and encouragement while shooting. The entire experience was awesome and proves that no one has to pay two month’s rent to get high quality, professional headshots! Thank you, RJ! Can’t wait to work with you again.” - Desiree Duff - Actress

“I was very lucky to have my first headshots taken by RJ Lewis. Not only was he professional but he was able to make me very comfortable and get my out of my head right away. He made me feel confident in my look, mysterious at some points, and was able to pull out genuine smiles at others.  His rate is great, and the photos were all amazing. Once retouched they have a little splash of his signature style that somehow draws the eye even more to the picture! The only problem with this whole experience was trying to choose only two! I would highly recommend RJ and I will be coming back.” - Holly Fouts - Actress

"Working with RJ was a rewarding experience. It was my first time ever getting headshots and it was something that had overwhelmed me when thinking about it but RJ helped ease all that stress. RJ is a great collaborator and makes extra effort to get you the shot you envision."

-Matthew S Ramirez - Actor

 “RJ is amazing! Not only can he make you feel comfortable and is fun to work with, but he is great at making your vision come to life. His talent for collaboration is unlike any I've ever seen! Every photo I've used from him has gotten me that foot in the door like never before!”

- Christian Sanchez - Actress


“RJ's headshots stand out. For some photographers it is enough to frame the shot, find the lighting and snap the shutter. RJ however goes beyond. He worked with me to find the qualities I wanted to put forth in each look and the result was three completely different headshots. Moreover, he demystified headshots for me and helped me become comfortable with the process from standing in front of the camera to choosing the best shots to printing. And his shots are a bargain for the time, effort and passion he puts into the work. Go with RJ.”

- Martine Baruch - Actor

“Working with RJ was incredible. Not only does he know exactly what to do to make you feel comfortable, but he know exactly how to capture you in your best light.” - Ramsden Madeus - Actor

“Working with RJ was such an incredible experience. He was encouraging throughout the shoot, took the time to get to know me and understand what I wanted from the photos, and made me feel amazing. He worked closely with me afterwards to guarantee that I was satisfied with the final product. The photos are beautiful and a fantastic set of shots to help me bridge the gap between student and professional as I transition out into the working field. His price was fair and the quality of work exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend RJ for all of your headshot needs! - Abigail McKay - Actress

"Shooting with RJ was hands down the best experience I've had with a photographer! His studio is so comfortable, you feel right at home. His direction is subtle and clear, allowing each angle to be a great new usable photo. I've never come out of a shoot with so many great images. He's the nicest guy and will have amazing conversations with you while you're in the makeup chair and will always make you laugh on camera when you need it! He knows how to get you the perfect image to capture who you really are and that's priceless. I am so happy to have shot with him and will come back for every future headshot I need and I'll make sure to tell everybody!" - Ashley Rapuano - Actress

 "RJ provided me photos that I am most proud of! It was exactly what I envisioned for my shoot and I am so happy with the result. He is a true professional that knows his sh*t!" - Leilani Fideler - Actress

"I was referred to RJ Lewis by a colleague who did professional photography herself so I knew this guy had to be good. RJ‘s understanding and use of color, lighting and the rest is exceptional, and he guided me during the shoot to churn out the most exquisite photos. I’ll definitely go to RJ in the future for new looks." - Connor Hawke - Actor

 "I just wanted to thank you for such kickass headshots. There's such a dynamic and organic feel to the final product you've delivered. They're leaps and bounds better than what I've gotten in the past, I couldn't be happier! You're super easy to warm up to which allowed me to be comfortable which is really important to me when filming or shooting which is why I feel my headshots came out so great. I will definitely be making referrals to you." - Jason Lopez - Actor

"An absolute pleasure to be shot by the phenomenal RJ Lewis! He creates a fun and stress-free environment and he LISTENS and OBSERVES. By far, in my humble opinion, he's the most diplomatic photog I've ever had who calls you on your shit to make sure you are maintaining your most authentic self in front of his lens at all times! RJ's professionalism is outstanding, he really knows his craft and his work speaks for itself."

- Cher Davis - Actress, New York

"RJ is an amazing artist and truly exceeded my expectations. He made my daughter feel so comfortable and because of this really captured the true essence of her personality with her headshots." - Mackenzie Gwaltney - Actress, (written by her Mom) 

"RJ is equal parts efficient and personal. He has a wealth of knowledge and understanding in how to present your best and most honest self, and he is genuine and will call you out when you are holding yourself back (not to mention, he really know how to best utilize your time!). He was awesome to work with from beginning to end, and I couldn’t be happier with my headshots!" - Ryan Dunn- Actor

 "I would highly recommend RJ Lewis as a photographer. He was so kind and easy to work with. My son and I both got headshots taken by him and are extremely pleased. Professional and prompt,his work is terrific and you will love your shots!" -Marjorie Searcy - Actress/Teacher

"It was such an amazing and stress free experience working with RJ. Such positive and fun energy! I loved his expertise! He listened, cared and made me at ease! He has a super quick turnaround and he really accommodates. I am so happy I chose RJ and I truly LOVE my headshots! I highly recommend him!!" - Valencia Callens - Actress