What is a “look”?

A “look” refers to either a major outfit change, makeup change or hair change that showcases and different side of you. Throwing on a jacket or glasses during a specific look does not count as an additional look.

What outfits, colors, etc… should I bring?

Tertiary colors are my go too colors for images. Salmon, brick, moss, taupe, jewel tones, gemstone tones, ruby reds, maroons, earth tones, sapphire… get it drift? Colors to avoid: Black, white and grey. Black, absorbs light and can look flat on camera, not showing your shape. White, reflects light, makes you look pale, loose your jaw line, and draw attention away from you face. Also black and white colors are very stereotypical “Actors Headshots”. Remember this is about you standing out and showing who you are. Most casting directors say that grey says nothing at all about your personality and is as boring, so I would just completely leave that color home.

Texture, texture texture. Woven cotton have many different textural value to it. Some dark areas, so light areas. Leather and silk reflect light beautifully. Texture is very body flattering because it provides shape and that is always very interesting to look at.

Large pattern usually photograph very well. I love pattern Headshots because it brings out personality and it is not the norm in typical Headshots. I love breaking the rules. In saying that... stay away from small patterns. Small patterns will look like they are dancing on camera. the best way to see if they will dance on camera is to ask someone or take a selfie. Some fabrics or linen are stitched very very small and because of this it causes the pattern to look as though it is dancing. So to be safe... Large Patterns are good small patterns are bad.

Make sure it FITS you. Make sure it is not too baggy, but then again it does not have to be so tight it looks like skin on you. And while we are at it... If you are shooting 2 or more looks do not bring the same t-shirt cut for every look. This is your chance to stand out. Why would you bring 3 V neck t-shirts in 3 different colors? I promise you your images will look exactly the same, just in a different color. Definitely bring the v-neck or tank top, but also bring a jacket to layer on top... Each look should be different. Casting directors and agents are all different. They all like something different. Some like t-shirts, some like bare skin, some like collared shirts, etc.. Why not take advantage of your session and give yourself the opportunity to appease any opinion.

If I want to photograph in studio and outdoors during my session is that possible or do I have to pick one or the other?

I pride myself on the ability to give my clients the best possible experience and for the outcome to exceed their wildest expectations. For the most part we can shoot both in studio and out doors. The only way shooting outdoors is not an option is if the weather does not co-operate. If it is raining, snowing or the weather is too cold (below 40 degrees) then we will be forced to shoot indoors. So in this case outdoor images can not be guaranteed.

How quickly will I receive my gallery after my session?

You will receive your images the same day as your session. Usually a few hours after we have completed. You will receive all your Hi-res Jpeg files on an amazing password protected gallery in which you can download all the images to have and also to share them with anyone and everyone.  You gallery will be good for two months. About 2 days prior to your gallery shutting down, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know to download your Headshots or if you would like to renew your gallery for an additional 2months which you cost an additional $20.

Do I receive all the RAW Files from the session?

You do not receive the RAW files form the session. You receive the Hi-res Jpeg files. You can do everything with the Hi-res jpeg file. The RAW Files is the digital negative. Think of it as a chefs recipe. You would not go into a restaurant and order a meal and then demand the secret ingredients. If you in the end demand to have the RAW files then they would cost you an additional $750 and you would completely own the images and the negatives and they will be deleted on my end. So if you lose them they they are gone forever.

How long does it take for my images to be retouched?

Typically it will take 3-4days for your images to be retouched. My retoucher is amazing and we want to make sure that everything is perfect

What is I need my images rushed? Does that cost extra?

If you need your images rushed that it will cost $20 per image extra to be rushed and finished. So if you are only getting the images retouched that are part of your package, then it is $20 per image to be retouched. If you are getting extra images retouched and rushed then it will be $30 each image + $20each image. So that would be $50 an image.

I noticed that each package comes with a certain amount of retouched images. What if I would like additional images retouched? Can I purchase them?

You most certainly can purchase additional images to be retouched.  Each additional image would cost $25 per image to be retouched. All you have to do is send me all the DSC numbers, with your notes for the retoucher, Once I receive them, I will send you an invoice for the additional images, in which you can pay by Credit Card or Venmo.


What is I do not want my images retouched and I want them as is?

By all means you do not have to have your images retouched. You can simply download the Hi-res images from the gallery and do as you wish with them. In my professional opinion your images will need retouching. Light retouching is definitely recommended on images. It's helpful when guiding the viewer directly to your eyes. it's great to get rid of distractions that might cause a casting director or agent to look somewhere besides your eyes. All images need proper color correction, possible blemishes removal, etc… Retouching is not to make you look fake, but to tidy up the image to give you the best possible image.

When Retouching is finished what do I receive?

When the retouching is finished and the Proofs have been approved, you will receive a Dropbox link with the following 3 files.

Hi-res Printing: These files will be in .tiff format. These are only used for Printing.

Socialmedia: .jpg files sized specifically for Facebook and Instagram

Websize: .jp files small enough for everything you need for web related.

Do you prefer Natural Light or Studio Lighting?

To be completely honest, I truly enjoy both. I have prided myself on being a photographer who can equally deliver both outdoors and in studio. Photographers who say they only shoot, “Natural Light” is telling you that they are incapable or are night confident enough to deliver the same quality indoors that they can outdoors. Either they do not have the equipment or lack the knowledge to do so. Before we even start shooting we will go through my portfolio and see what you like and gear our session that way.


Do I really need a Makeup Artist?

Short answer? Yes. Over the years I have found working with an amazing Makeup Artist take sessions whether Headshot or Portrait sessions to an entirely new level. They understand what certain makeup will do under certain lighting conditions. They have the tools to work on the fly if a problem arises. They make the client more comfortable and helps them open up more in front of the camera because they are even more confident in how they look. Also in post production there are less skin and hair problems to be corrected because of what they bring to a shoot. So yes , I highly recommend hiring a makeup artist for your session.


Can I bring my own makeup artist to a session?   

The answer to this is no. Here is why. I have never worked with this particular makeup artist. I do not know their skill level and what they have done in the past. My makeup artists, who I believe are truly the best in the business, know how I work and know what I demand of them.  We have a great working relationship, which shows in the outcome of our work.

What is the investment for a hair/make-up artist?

For a 3hr session: $175

For a 5hr session: $250

Additional time with make-up artist on set is $50 /hr.  

What is the best way to pay?

You can pay with Cash, Venmo, Cash App or with Credit Card. Please note that when paying with a Credit Card, a 2.75% fee will be added.

What happens if I want to cancel my session? Do I get a full refund?

Hopefully this does not happen, but I do understand that things come up and life gets in the way. So to answer this question… Deposits are non- refundable. Once you book your session your deposit will not be returned because you are booking a date that could have gone to someone else. If you paid the full balance upon booking then you will receive the balance minus the deposit.

Can I bring a friend or my significant other to the session?

You can certainly bring a friend, but not your significant other. I have found that bringing your friend helps reinforce your confidence in the session. You will feel more relaxed and will have fun. When you bring your significant other, usually they sit in the corner on their phone or just stare at you the entire time, which make for a very awkward session. Also I have found you will become more insure. You worry more about what they are thinking or going to think about what you are doing, then you being fully present and enjoying the entire process. So bring a friend and leave the significant other at home.

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn seems very far from where I am located. Do you have a closer location?

Yes I do. There is an amazing studio in LIC that is located 25mins from Times Square. It has an insane amount of natural light and we can capture amazing images. There is an add on fee to rent the space and that can be added as an add on when you book online.


If I wanted a consultation would you be able to meet with me to discuss a possible session?

Certainly we can have a consultation. All consultations can be booked through my website and are done via Skype or Facetime. This is the more practical way for me to meet up due to me being a stay at home dad as well, so getting out of the house to meet you at a coffee shop would be harder for me.  You are more then welcome to come to my home and chat with me in person if you like, but Skype and FaceTime is usually the easier route.


How do I Book a Session with You?

Click Book Now, then select the type of appointment you are interested in. The calendar will prompt you for the rest! If you are interested in a different type of appt. not listed, feel free to email rjlewis@rjlewisphotos.com directly.